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Jackie Faye: 5 Races Down, 1 To Go

April 2018 - by Jackie Faye

How our founder lives, works, and trains to become the first woman to complete six IRONMAN races on six continents in a calendar year - all while reporting from Afghanistan.

Six continents, six IRONMANs: Athlete two events away from making history

April 2018 - by Amir Chetty

Armed with a passion for seeing more women in male-dominated industries, American Jackie Faye is looking to show women from all walks of life that anything is possible.

Whatever Happened to the Off Season?

December 2017 - by Holly Bennett

She Can Tri founder Jackie Faye is featured on Why? Because not only is she trying to become the first woman to do six IRONMANs on six continents within one year, but she's training in Afghanistan.

For Women in Sports, a World of Racing in One Year

October 2017 - by Jackie Faye

Why our founder is racing to become the first woman in the world to do an IRONMAN on every continent within one year.

Fighting To Fight: Women In The Military, Part 1

May 2017 - by Jackie Faye

It has been one year since combat roles opened up to all women in the military including the Marine Corps infantry. But, just as women were signing up as grunts for the first time in history a scandal rocked the institution.

Fighting To Fight: Women In The Military, Part 2

May 2017 - by Jackie Faye

Two women, former Marines, share their stories about working in a male dominated world and the double standard they say exists.

Doctors Said She’d Never Run Again. Now She’s Doing an Ironman

October 2016 - by Jackie Faye

She survived a fire that nearly took her life. Five years later, Turia Pitt is ready to compete in the Ironman World Championship.

What Training for an Ironman Taught Me About Getting Older

October 2015 - by Jackie Faye

Why our founder decided to tri an IRONMAN to celebrate the big 3-0 and what training for the 140.6-mile event taught her about getting older.