Behind the scenes: Sports make strong bodies and minds

March 19, 2019

If you think sports is just about being social and entertainment, think again.

The evidence is clear, playing sports helps individuals develop leadership skills that can transfer into their professional lives.

Sports teach team work, commitment, determination and a competitive mindset.

According to a series of Ernst & Young studies, it is even more common for female executives to have played a sport. Ernst & Young found that among women currently holding a C-suite position, 96% played sports.

A separate study by espnW and EY found 80% of female Fortune 500 executives played competitive sports.


In Afghanistan, doors have opened for women in the military and in the civil service. Women are running businesses and NGOs, and they are serving as members of parliament; but, are we arming those women with the mental fortitude to succeed in those roles?

Sports for women are still seen as taboo in Afghanistan. As She Can Tri works to break down those views we will enable more women to participate.

Sports will not only provide an outlet for the women who are already pushing boundaries, but they will empower more women to do the same.


IRONMAN is considered the toughest single day sporting event in the world. Women and men are allowed to participate equally, although worldwide, only 20% of competitors are women. To date, no Afghan woman has completed one.

She Can Tri’s Team Afghanistan will be attempting an IRONMAN 70.3 in 2020.

To say training for a triathlon in Afghanistan is difficult would be an understatement. The four women on the team were little girls when the Taliban ruled their country; forbidding women to go to school or even leave the house. Many Afghans still have that conservative mindset and think what these girls are doing is shameful.

Some frown upon women who run or cycle. Swimming is a whole new level of bad. Combining all three on the same day – unheard of.

These women know they will be criticized, but it is something they are willing to do in the name of change.

She Can Tri is training Afghanistan’s first women triathletes in partnership with Free to Run. They have their sights on the 2020 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in Taupo, New Zealand. If you would like to join the movement and race for equality please contact us.